Our brand is known locally for producing top of the line boutique and craft cannabis flowers. Although we choose to concentrate our efforts on continuing to provide high quality flowers, over the last few years we have had many opportunities to test various product lines in this growing industry. We are pleased to announce partnerships with some of the brands and products we love most. 

We value partnership and community in this growing industry.  These companies maintain the same core values of integrity quality and testing and by partnering with Mindful it is ensuring that you are getting the highest quality herb in your extracts.

Indulge in a consistently clean and flavorful flower for your premium experience.    

Please inquire if you have any comments or are interested in using our flowers for your extracts. 

You can now find our flowers in use with Legion of Bloom CO2 Vape Pens.

You can find our flowers in use with Native Native Seed Lift Bar Edibles.