Who We Are

Based In Northern California, Mindful Cali is a collective made up of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in biochemistry, medicine, engineering, architecture and Certified Organic food farming. With diverse backgrounds in horticulture and over 30 years of cumulative experience growing cannabis, we bring a broad range of knowledge to the table. Our mission & our passion is to produce the highest quality medical grade cannabis using sustainable and organic means and products. 

Grown Outdoors in the Sierra Foothills, our water is pure, the air is clean and the higher elevation provides a more suitable, cooler climate where cannabis absolutely thrives! Always staying ahead of the curve on sustainable farming practices, and only using OMRI-certified nutrients, we are able keep our soil teeming with microbiology and allow it to thrive using the purest water, compost teas and all-natural food & supplements. The result is vibrant, potent and beautiful flowers with the top medicinal grade potency and quality. 

We take pride in our slow and careful harvesting process. Our buds are hand picked and cured over a long period to bring a smooth and luxurious smoke full of terpene rich flavor and a bud that speaks for itself.


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